Membership Qualifications

Membership in eCUBE is open to any person who is employed by a law firm, corporate legal department, government, judicial or legal agency, or any other organization devoted primarily to the practice of law, regardless of the title by which the person is classified within the organization.

To qualify for membership, a person should be responsible for managerial duties related to litigation support; or use organized systems to assist in the analysis of facts and issues involved in the practice of law. Any person whose primary job is the marketing or supplying of products or services to the legal profession is now able to take part as a member of eCUBE.

Membership is the property of the person who pays membership fees to the Association or on whose behalf membership fees are paid and may not be transferred. Members have full voting privileges and are eligible for elective office. Membership is valid from date of acceptance through December 31st of said year. Renewals are valid for the calendar year beginning January 1st and ending the following December 31st.

Membership fees:
Law Firm and Corporate Employees:

$75 Per Person
Legal Service Vendors / Consultants:
$150 Per Person
Unemployed and Students:

Non-Vendor Member Application
Vendor Member / Consultants Application

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